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You're Invited!

Maine SAF Leadership Roles

Our primary leadership roles are the Chair, Chair Elect, Past Chair, Secretary/Treasurer and Member-at-Large (3 positions).  We also have roles as the Maine Representative to NESAF, Committee Chairs and Task Force Chairs. 

Our Executive Committee is formed by all those listed above, although voting is limited to elected positions.  The Executive Committee (EC) meets 4-5 times throughout the year, usually in the Orono area, but subject to change based on the needs of the group.  Meetings range from 3 to 5 hours in length, depending on the agenda.  All elected and appointed members are required to attend.  Occasional teleconferences are held, but meeting in person is generally more effective.  We share ideas, plan for the future and learn more about each other and our profession.  Participating in these meetings is where the action is.

The Chair Elect position is responsible for assisting the Chair with the duties below.  The Chair Elect becomes Chair the following year and the Immediate Past Chair the year after that.  This is an elected position.

The Chair position has the following duties:

Serves as chair in the current year and Past Chair the following year;
Sets the theme or overall direction for the year;
Schedules and leads Executive Committee Meetings;
Leads Field and Fall membership meetings;
Prepares two Chair Letters during the year to update members on Division activities;
Assists Secretary/Treasurer in preparing the annual budget and overseeing expenditures;
Appoints Committee and Task Force Chairs;
Works closely with Division Manager to insure the year's events flow smoothly.

The list appears long, but the actual time involved is bounded by what you choose to put into it.

The Chair becomes the Immediate Past Chair the following year.

The Immediate Past Chair is responsible for assisting the Executive
Committee and providing institutional memory for the newly elected team.

The Secretary-Treasurer position is an elected, two-year term.

This position has the following duties:

Recording the minutes of the annual business meeting;
Managing the division checkbook and the division accounts;
Preparing annual and periodic financial statements;
Assisting the Chair with budget preparation.

The elected position of Member-at-Large (three Division positions) is a one-year term. 

This position has the following duties:

Organize programs and arrangements for Field and Fall Division meetings;
Provide input into policy and action initiatives.

Of all the elected positions, the Member-at-Large is usually the most time-consuming, but at the same time, very rewarding.

The position of Maine Representative to NESAF, is primarily responsible for representing the Maine Division's interests at the periodic NESAF Executive Committee meetings.  There is travel involved, usually to New Hampshire or Southern Maine, but mileage is compensated by NESAF.  This is an elected, two-year position.


The appointed positions within the Division include Committee Chairs and Task Force Chairs.  We currently have the following active committees and task forces:

Forestry Awareness Committee
Communications Committee
Policy Committee
Nominating Committee
Audit Committee
Forest Practices Committee

Forester Licensing Task Force


 The Executive Committee adds committees and task forces as needs arise.  If you see a need to act in a particular area, contact us and join our group. 

If any of the MESAF Leadership Roles spark your interest, please step forward and agree to be on the ballot.  As individuals it can be difficult to lead initiatives or speak for change.  As a member of a group, your voice is amplified.  We all have a part to play in the improvement of our profession.  Accept our invitation to join our leadership team, we need you!